Shiva belly rub
Karma treat nose
Off leash line up
Terrier Jump
resting tunnel
Tunnel Run
owner gives treat
terrier directions
lined against wall

Yelp Reviews

I have taken all my dogs to Bob’s classes and he is the best trainer I have ever come across. He know so much about a dog’s mind and what they need . I can’t recommend him highly enough and I only wish there were more dog trainers like him .

– Alison L.

My rescue german shepherd went from being dog aggressive to earning his Canine Good Citizen certificate. It took a lot of work on my part but attending Bob’s classes was instrumental in rehabilitating this dog.
I would recommend Bob to anyone but especially if you have a dog with issues.

– Angela C.

Bob has been around dogs enough to cater to how the certain dog learn and uses it as an advantage to train that dog. I highly recommend Bob if you want your dog to be trained well. there are a lot of “dog trainers” out there but not many also trains dog that does competition obedience. I think that in itself says a lot.

– Mike

…I needed to enforce training and good manners. I Have not even finished the session of puppy classes and she already know sit, stay, come, drop it, take it, go to your crate, off , and down. Bob knows what he is talking about especially when it comes to working breed dogs. This class is for the human, not the dog. I practice everything he teaches me in class… Bob applies basic dog psychology to prevent those behaviours and rehabilitate dogs that already have them. I will take my shepherd mix to Bob for intermediate, adult and Canine Good Citizen Certification.

– Liz V.