Bob Gutierrez

Bob has spent most of his life training dogs. He’s good at it and enjoys doing it, and it shows . . . in his classes and in the results he has attained. Bob owned and trained Alcina, the 1997 Mixed Breed Nationals Obedience champion.

Bob has extensive professional training and experience in the field. Has was the animal behavior coordinator at the San Francisco S.P.C.A. and ran its behavior department for the past 10 years. The San Francisco S.P.C.A. is a “no kill” facility, and Bob was deeply involved in training not only the animals at the shelter but also training the volunteers and staff to identify pets that needed behavior correction, and provide the training and socialization necessary to make the dogs and cats adoptable. “The dogs here are continually exposed to people, strangers, traffic to improve their social skills,” said trainer Bob Gutierrez. “We train our dogs to sit when someone approaches; it makes for a better presentation.”

Bob also studied with Dr. Ian Dunbar for 1 year at the Center for Applied Animal Behavior in Berkeley. Bob has been widely quoted and published. He serves on the Panel of Advisors for pet behavior at Rodale Press and is a frequent resource for their articles, which are distributed in books, magazines and over the web. His articles have been been published in National Magazines (such as Dog World, Dog Fancy, National Inquirer). In addition to dog training classes, Bob conducts seminars and trains dog trainers, and has taught a certificate course on Animal Behavior at San Francisco State University.